The Lincoln House Bed & Breakfast was originally built as a hotel in 1914 by Sylvester and Jerusch  Miller.  Miller owned the hotel until 1921. From 1921 until 1926 the hotel was owned and operated by Ray McCullough. John Giesen then bought the hotel and operated it until 1942. Henry and Myrtle Dittrich finally operated the Lincoln House until it's close in 1968.  The Lincoln House lay idle until 2001 when James and Charlotte Brown bought and began to refurbish the hotel. Other owners of the hotel after it closed were Gerrit Wolbrink, Roberta Billand, and Edward and Rose Cramer. Dr. Beukelman had his doctor's office in the building from 1915 until his retirement in December of 1947. 
























            The Lincoln House is now restored to its original state. It took James and Charlotte Brown two years to refurbish it, and after 35 years of idleness the Browns had an open house on September 14, 2003. Nearly 400 attended. The hotel is now open, and it has an office, eight rooms, a lounge, a dinning room, and a small kitchen. Each room has a double bed, a dresser, a night stand, and either a wardrobe or a coat rack. Every room also has it's own theme, ranging from patriotic to floral patterns. Four rooms have private baths and the other four rooms share a bath with an adjacent room  The Lincoln House is completely furnished in antiques and originals.  All of the floors, window, doors, ect. are original and have not been replaced. The things that were destroyed or ruined over time were replaced with replicas.  

        The cost ranges from $50-$75 depending on the season. Pheasant season and deer hunting season is usually a little higher. All guests are served a large breakfast in the morning.